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Kokichi is extremely defensive of one’s members of their category, compassionate on the subject for example children

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Kokichi is extremely defensive of one’s members of their category, compassionate on the subject for example children


Therefore, the D.We.C.Elizabeth. professionals are extremely loyal so you can him. While they are been shown to be imprisoned and/otherwise outdone, Kokichi is very distraught and you may agreements his personal death to store them. not, considering the notice manipulation regarding Team Danganronpa, it’s not familiar if they in fact can be found.

Shuichi Saihara

Kokichi seems to be entertained because of the and in some way happy regarding Shuichi, that have stated that one other man seems “decently maybe not mundane”, that is an extremely uncommon and you may prominent healthy coming from your. He on a regular basis calls him their “beloved Saihara-chan” on the Japanese version, and you will periodically phone calls him “mister investigator” otherwise “mister Greatest Detective”. The guy and additionally after named Shuichi ” Shumai “, since an excellent parody in order to Kaito’s “Maki Move” nickname getting Maki. Kokichi provides their organization, looking your perhaps one of the most interesting person in the group and you can praises your will. He’s in addition to more than once mentioned that he is “usually considering” Shuichi, and you will states that he’s their favorite exactly who the guy loves the fresh very. For the his whiteboard, it is revealed one to Kokichi provides an even more positive, whether or not quite unclear effect out of Shuichi, considering your “reliable?”. Considering their hatred off monotony, it seems Kokichi is actually intrigued by Shuichi’s invention. Within the products, he tend to does not let you know Shuichi’s lays regardless if the guy sees her or him. The guy occasionally produced enjoyable from Shuichi’s scared identity, calling their cap “emo hat” and you will contacting your and you will Tsumugi a good “simple partners”.

While he features fooling that have him, Kokichi appears to be some care for Shuichi and you will seems to feel reluctant to in reality harm him. During www.datingranking.net/tr/xmeets-inceleme the his leisure time situations, Kokichi tries to “kill” Shuichi and you can concerns your in lot of of his selfishness and you can pranks, whether or not the guy including seems to make sure that Shuichi may not be hurt and you will generally seems to simply wreak havoc on him having words. He including encourages your to help you a tea party and suggests Shuichi you can expect to sign up their team, so he doesn’t have to pass away. Over the last knowledge, Kokichi incisions their give unintentionally of the to try out the fresh Knife Game, resulting in Shuichi to manage the fresh new slashed, demonstrably concerned. Kokichi is happier through this and tells Shuichi the guy won, perplexing the new investigator whom solutions he has never also played but really. Kokichi says to your that video game might be won versus to experience him or her, foreshadowing the conclusion new destroying game. Then he states the guy never had a purpose to truly destroy your. Given that he’s got produced Shuichi contemplate your always, the guy claims they have currently “killed” him because of the “stealing their cardiovascular system”.

During Section 3, in the event that college students talk about the resurrection ritual, Kokichi says he’d favour Kaede more Rantaro to go back your whilst will make Shuichi delighted.

During Part 4, when people are inside Neo Industry System, Kokichi claims he would shout when the something occurred in order to Shuichi that have a concerned term. When they are by yourself, the guy attempts to render their assistance to possess Shuichi, saying he wants to have fun with your be effective with her and be useful to Shuichi also. The guy tries to independent Shuichi and you will Kaito, informing Shuichi he will be his friend rather. Kokichi says he can help Shuichi cut anyone, however, Shuichi cannot believe him and renders in place of stating a keyword. Kokichi following mutters to help you himself regarding becoming declined because of the Shuichi, but according to him he would not stop one to easily. He says when the guy grows in order to such as anyone, he makes them see your though it means choking him or her. Kokichi next facilitate Shuichi when you look at the research and you can begins to phone call himself Shuichi’s partner. He and additionally attempts to keep Kaito out of Shuichi, stating you to Kaito and his awesome viewpoints try an adverse influence on Shuichi and therefore Shuichi is the just one who can rescue her or him.