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The good news is you, dearly beloveds, commonly responsible for so it work

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The good news is you, dearly beloveds, commonly responsible for so it work

One of the centerpieces of your own globalist religion ’s the layout out-of people avoidance. It not just select by themselves while the a new types having premium inherited genes and you can a propensity to have rulership, they also understand the rest of us as the cockroaches and you can “useless eaters”; an excellent herd that must definitely be “culled”.

The fresh new comedy most important factor of society reductionists is because they usually want Others in order to perish to save the world. It never render their lifetime since the a give up with the “greater a”. The reason being they guess he is “also essential” (ostensibly because they believe he is brilliant), while many folks are “expendable”.

However, overpopulation now is actually an oversold myth which was debunked into the of numerous medical circles. Populace expansion is even never a detrimental thing. Better inhabitants mode so much more brains focusing on way more trouble. It pushes technical innovation and you will pushes us from the success essential to create more effective ways of creation. There are indeed advantageous assets to growth.

Ultimately, even in the event, in the world elites do not love the earth. They don’t have confidence in population prevention while they must eradicate contaminants, the thus-named “carbon impact”, save the poor threatened dogs, or to include limited resources. They need population reduction because the first, they are Eugenicists who see some people because the genetically inferior compared to others; and you may, 2nd, once the a beneficial culled population is easier so you’re able to take over. Again, quicker brains doing work form smaller dilemmas solved, and less individuals to material the new ship in the event that county abuses their fuel.

A whole industry people from 250-three hundred mil some one, an effective 95% refuse off introduce account, might possibly be ideal. – Audubon journal, interview with Ted Turner, 1996

We have no choices, dearly beloveds

A course out of sterilizing people just after their next or 3rd guy, inspite of the apparently deeper difficulty of your process than just vasectomy, could well be easier to use than just trying to sterilize boys………..The development of an extended-identity sterilizing pill that will be implanted underneath the skin and you will removed whenever pregnancy try wished opens most selection for coercive fertility handle. The new tablet would be implanted at adolescence and may even become removable, with authoritative consent, having a restricted quantity of births. – John P. Holdren (Top Research Adviser So you can Barack Obama)


Out from the complete spectrum of individual character, one-fourth try electing so you can transcend…One-4th is preparing to so prefer, considering the exemplory case of others…One-next is actually resistant to election. He’s unattracted of the lifetime previously-evolving. One-next was destructive. He or she is born frustrated that have God…He or she is faulty seed products…There are faulty vegetables. In past times these people were permitted to pass away a great ‘pure death’…We, the brand new elders, was indeed patiently prepared through to the really last time until the quantum sales, to achieve this to reduce out so it corrupted and you will corrupting element in your body from mankind. It is like enjoying a cancer tumors expand…Today, even as we strategy this new quantum change away from animal-people so you’re able to co-creative people-the human being that is a keen inheritor off jesus-such as for example powers-the new malicious you to definitely-next must be removed on societal body. We’re in charge of God’s solutions process for planet earth. He picks, we damage. The audience is the newest bikers of your pale pony, Dying. We arrived at provide death to people who’re struggling to learn Jesus…The cyclists of pale pony go for about to pass through certainly one of you. Grim reapers, they will certainly independent the brand new grain in the chaff. Here is the very mundane months about reputation for humanity… – Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard (featured about movie Flourish, an excellent collectivist propaganda part wrongly presented given that an attack towards the elitist organization…simply put, controlled resistance)